The Open Door Clinic, Inc.

The Open Door Clinic

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Volunteer Positions

Health Care Professions

Physicians, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practioners, Certified Lab Technicians, LPN/Medical Assistants, and Registered Dietitians provide chronic and acute care.

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants prepare medications and assist patients with prescription program applications.

Greeter and Receptionist

Greet and sign in patients. Assist patients with paperwork. Locate and pull charts. Generally direct patients. Utilize registraton software to update patient information. Basic computer skills helpful.

Intake Specialist

Perform one-on-one confidential interviews with patients to determine health care needs. A social work background helpful.

Other Professional Services

The Open Door Clinic, Inc. relies on volunteers for many professional services including lab processing, office cleaning, legal work, and information services.