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The Open Door Clinic

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Our Mission

The Open Door Clinic was established to provide basic health care services and a connection to community resources to Chippewa County residents who are without a health care alternative. Read More




Markquart Gives Back

Markquart Motors and Markquart Toyota will donate to a local nonprofit $100 for every new car sold from November 14 through Christmas. The Open Door Clinic is one of the local nonprofits to benefit from the program this year. Thank you Markquarts!

Markquart Gives Back

Need Help Getting to and from the Doctor?

Taxi vouchers are now available for ODC patients. Thanks to the Community Foundation for making this possible.

Nuestros Servicios

A brochure explaining Chippewa Open Door Clinic services in Spanish is now available, click here for the brochure in Spanish.

Dental Care Available

The Open Door Clinic will pay $100 per patient per year for dental care. Patients presenting to Marshfield Clinic Dental may also qualify for reduced fees and the Family Health Center (FHC) program. FHC is a federally-funded program that covers dental, vision, doctor's visits and medications for low-income Chippewa Valley residents. Thanks to the Chippewa Valley Dental Association for providing funds to help pay for dental care for our patients.

The Results Are In!

Our first ever patient surveys confirm what we always suspected. Open Door volunteers do an awesome job helping our patients. The responses definitely show the Clinic is fullfilling its mission and goals very well. Almost all our patients are satisfied with the care they receive here and see an improvement in their health. A disturbing number of patients would skip care and/or go to the ER for care if the ODC wasn't here. About three-quarters of our mental health respondents said the clinic has helped them move towards self-sufficiency. Our volunteers should be justifiably proud of the work they do and their positive impact on community health and health care costs.

Community Resource Manual Available

The First Presbyterian Church and the Open Door Clinic have assembled a Community Resources Directory for Chippewa Falls and the surrounding communities.

The Open Door Clinic and United Way

United Way

The Open Door Clinic is a United Way Organization.